The Trendiest Purses For 2010

By | January 20, 2017

Every woman knows that a purse is a must have accessory when you go out.

It’s also important to know how to match it with your clothing. Most of the times the choice is not easy but certainly entertaining.

In summer it’s even more difficult to find the right matching due to the different range of colours of your clothing.
Specially this summer which fashion trend is particular full of bright colors.

The fashion addicts are well informed about this trends and have been paying carful attention to the accessories: shoes, handbags and belts for those special occation parties were to show off their good or even bad taste.

I can make an example of the most used colours this summer: shocking pink, lilac, green, yellow and white, will predominate.

Coming back to the purses, the first requirement that must have a bag for spring / summer 2009, is surely the capacity.
We suggest a maxi bag. It must also be comfortable, practical and stylish.
The bag must be worn completely over his shoulder.

Second characteristic is the color: light green, pink, fucsia, but more generaly the bright colors are cheerful.

We also suggest high-fashion bags in forest green, yellow, red, and last but not least fuchsia.

That’s right, the fuchsia is ultra-feminine and perfect for summer, and also if you think about these colors and it’s vibrant essence, you will realise that you can find many combinations of colors, especially those with primary or neutral.

As for materials, the bags must not necessarily be of soft leather or fine canvas but can also be of raffia.

Even the printed bags are very strong this year. They fit the spirit of summer.

We can also choose from a wide range of beach bags, every summer there is an extensive collection of women’s bags which are comfortable and spacious to go to the beach with style and color.

There is no way that a collection exclude bags suitable for seaside holiday dedicated to stylish navy bags, classic beach and timeless.

For example, in three different color combinations: white and blue, white and yellow, white and red.

Or you can opt for prints with straw, it will be difficult to choose because they are all beautiful. Recall for example the bag in straw with applications of fruits, strawberries and lemons, accompanied by flowers or animals make their appearance on the bags for more fun and originality season.

Ideal to take to the beach are larger models full of fruits applications.
The mail colours would be fancy white or lime green, suitable to take to the beach and also as a shopping bag.
If you are getting ready to go to a beach party or at a wedding party located on the beach, you can still keep in mind our suggestions, however you need to get a smaller purse.
In this case a raffia material would still be ok, but better would be a fine leather one. Don’t be too exagerated with bright colours.