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Designer Sarees Fashion for Modern Girls – The Latest Fashion Trends

The Indian saree is a versatile garment that suits Indian women of all ages, shapes and sizes. It is increasingly catching the interest of celebrities across the globe. This is evident from the demand for fashion designer saree by Hollywood actresses for red carpet occasions. Moreover, there is an increasing demand for designer saris that… Read More »

Summer fashion must-haves at Barbie games

Summer is the best season of the year. You get the tanned look, share experiences with friends at the beach, enjoy delicious foods and become a fashion goddess under the shining and glittering rays of the sun. However, to become a summer fashion goddess, you should look fashionable and fabulous in every way. While the… Read More »

Yves Saint Laurent – Iconic Fashion Designs

Yves Henri Donat Mathieu Saint Laurent, more popularly known as Yves Saint Laurent, has long been one of the icons in the fashion industry. The French designer was born in Algeria but moved to Paris right after secondary school to chase his dream of establishing a career in fashion. His efforts soon paid off for… Read More »

Prada Handbags Keeps Tradition of High Quality Fashion Accessories

It is really difficult for a product to create a lasting impression in the mind of customers and especially when there are thousand of brands of that products hovering in the market. But certainly there are some products that become trendsetter in their respective arena. One such brand that has gained much hype in the… Read More »

Why Women Love Fashion Accessories

With the development of society, people spent more and more time on their physical appearance. Young girls and modern ladies both are conscious of fashion trends in every season and year, even in every single day. Accordingly, fashion accessories have become a way of life for most modern ladies because everyone is eager to stand… Read More »

Calvin Klein – One of the Leading Fashion Designers

The word ‘provocative’ is an appropriate adjective that could refer to what the brand Calvin Klein is. In the world of perfumes, Calvin Klein is best known for its signature Eternity and Obsession perfumes. There is just so much about Calvin Klein that made it capable of earning its top reputation as a brand that… Read More »

Traditional Chinese Elements in Fashion

As we all know, China is a country which has a long history. The historic Chinese civilization gave birth to an unique Chinese style. Chinese style fashion is a form of Chinese elements based on traditional custom and oriental culture. The combination of Chinese elements adapt to global trends. Especially after the 2008 Olympic Games,… Read More »

Top Ten Fashion Trends From the 1940’s

Rationing: World War II impacted virtually every aspect of American life and fashion was no exception. In 1942, the United States imposed a rationing system similar to the one Great Britain had implemented the previous year, limiting, among other things, the amount of fabric that could be used in a single garment. Materials including wool,… Read More »

Your Frugal Fashion Option: Prada Vitello Shine Hobo

It is quite cheerful that Prada released leather bag which is less than a thousand dollars. If I did not go to Prada boutique and see it by myself, I couldn’t believe either. The new collection is Prada Vitello shine hobo, and I bet that Prada fans would be much gratified to have this bag… Read More »

Prada Handbag, a Master Piece of Edgy Fashion

Immense compliment has been placed on Prada, the Italian high-fashion company. Even the name Prada alone signifies style, luxury, elegance and extremely glamorous leather goods. Most famous for its unsurpassed quality, exquisite handicraft, uniquely chic design, and great versatility, Prada handbag stands out as a classic and timeless fashion icon that outshines other contemporary brands.… Read More »