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No 5. Coach Gramercy Op Art Pouch

To own a designer handbag is every woman’s dream, but not everyone can afford the handbags from world top fashion houses. I bet a great many women may have to tighten their belts to buy a Louis Vuitton or Gucci handbag. Have you ever considered the Coach handbags? It’s all about affordable luxury. All their… Read More »

Marketing Art on Demographics, Psychographics, and Behavior

Many would argue that starting a business in these tough economic times is not prudent at least, especially a business characterized by a low inventory turnover and a very high elasticity of demand. In the short run, one would not expect a high return on investment from such a business, but with a well defined… Read More »

The Art of Cosmetology

Beauty Schools offers training programs and courses about cosmetology. Cosmetology is the science and application of beauty treatments. Although you may not know that the increasing demand and pressure to look good is not something that only started in recent times, but in the earliest days of history. There has been evidences found that led… Read More »

Latest Fashion Statement of Today’s Women: Nail Art and Accessories

Even though one is not blessed with those shapely and beautiful nails. Nail Art is so IN the fashion trend that it will make different from the crowd and your nail looks very pretty, lovely and beautifully different from the normal crowd. Women and fashions’ as have come to the conclusion that beautification is not… Read More »