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No 5. Coach Gramercy Op Art Pouch

To own a designer handbag is every woman’s dream, but not everyone can afford the handbags from world top fashion houses. I bet a great many women may have to tighten their belts to buy a Louis Vuitton or Gucci handbag. Have you ever considered the Coach handbags? It’s all about affordable luxury. All their… Read More »

What Are the Top 5 Products Women Buy Online?

For marketing boffins around the world, knowing what products will sell is a fundamental goal. For women, the internet shopping revolution has opened up a whole new realm for them to explore without having to brave a soggy Saturday high street assault course. Knowing what the next big product will be would be like winning… Read More »

Creed Cologne – 5 Things You Must Know Before Buying a Creed Fragrance

1. The Fragrance Creed cologne is an incredible scent that is a perfect match for men who want to flaunt their elegant and sophisticated style. This cologne is a rare combination of quality and class that the House of Creed is famous for. Every bottle is fused with all the natural ingredients processed by maceration… Read More »

Top 5 Baby Diaper Bags

I’m under 30 years old and  I can’t remember any of the mothers having nice diaper bags at any time in my life until the last couple years. Diaper bags with Winnie the Pooh or Mickey Mouse on them are a thing of the past. The new craze which I was just introduced to about… Read More »

5 Tips On How To Apply Makeup In The Evening

The following article will help you discover how to apply makeup in the evening. Applying makeup in the evening is different to applying makeup for the daytime. With evening makeup you can have a more dramatic look so you don’t get lost amongst the candlelight. Your face can speak a thousand words, if you dress… Read More »

Authentic Vs Replica: 5 Points to Consider on Designer Products

Everyone loves fashion. The subject of authentic vs. replica is all around us. On designer clothing, designer handbags, designer shoes, designer perfumes and almost any other designer product that is on the market today. Therefore, what is it that should you consider, when you compare authentic vs. replica? Is it price? Is it quality? Is… Read More »

The 5 Warning Signs Of Bagitis – Symptoms Of Purse Addiction

Do you have bagitis? Most women love their purses and couldn’t picture living without one. They come in handy and provide a nice secure feeling. They are also a way to express individual taste and style. What happens when the average love of handbags turns into a more serious condition like bagitis? Here are 5… Read More »

Top 5 Most Expensive Ladies Bags for Your Fantasy Collection

Any woman with even a modicum of fashion sense knows just how valuable a ladies bag is. It’s certainly more than a mere accessory. Ladies bags can be used to define women not only in terms of their personality but also with regard to their career, social standing, and even their outlook of life in… Read More »

Top 5 Beauty Blender Alternative Sponges

No.1 Real Technique© Miracle Complexion Sponge It looks like someone took a slice out of the side of this latex-free sponge and that’s precisely what makes it such a multi-use tool. A 3-in-1 multi-functional makeup sponge for anyone who spends extra time polishing your complexion, this is a great all-in-one tool that helps you do… Read More »

Top 5 Places to Buy Perfumes and Cosmetics in Singapore

Given a reputation as a shopping paradise, it’s no surprise that Singapore’s a fantastic place to buy perfumes and cosmetics in Singapore. After all, where else in the world you can find American, European and Asian products all in one place? Major international brands are readily available here, carried by the beauty halls of most… Read More »