Gucci Split Heart Necklace and Stardust Necklace

By | January 19, 2017

Gucci is well known for its endless innovation. It never fails to present its fans with merry surprise. This fashion season, there are really something creative in its jewelry collection, among which, I like the icon Split Heart Necklace and Stardust Necklace most.

The split heart necklace has two chains. It can be worn by one person or by two. If you are single, you can wear both of it. When you meet the right person, you can present it to your beloved one. And together you are a whole. This necklace can be adjusted to a length of 38cm, 40cm and 42cm. It is made of 18kt white gold with diamonds, weighing total 0.02 carats. This necklace is available at a price of ?822.

Another creative necklace in this collection is the icon stardust necklace. Actually, the earlier moment I was watching the total solar eclipse, which is very rare during almost 500 years. Nature is full of magic, so dose Gucci products. This iconic stardust necklace is to remind you of the beautiful things in the world. Rather than made from the common white and yellow gold, this necklace is crafted in 18kt pink gold with pink sapphires, which weighs total 0.62 carats. This necklace is available at a price of ?1723. Yes, it is rather expensive for a single necklace. After all, it is something like luxury. But if you happen to have some spare money, you can wisely spend it on the necklace. It is so gorgeously beautiful. What is your opinion then?