Current Styles in Men’s Sunglasses

By | January 17, 2017

Men have just as much right to be in style as women. Although men’s sunglasses do not come in as much variety as that of women’s, choices for men’s eyewear can still overwhelm you. In the fashion-conscious world today, it is a fashion faux pas to be caught in outdated, unattractive sunglasses. Even if you sport the best clothes, if you don’t deck up the right eyewear, your style is bound for doom.

Having said these, what is the trend today for men’s sunglasses? Well, luckily for many men, the trend in the recent years has not drastically changed. This means that your old pair may not actually be out of style. Or are they? Know the popular choices for men’s sunglasses by reading further.

Men’s metal shield sunglasses are stylish and useful, especially for those who spend a lot of time outdoors. If you own a pair you use for golfing or skiing, you can actually get away with wearing them everyday even without having to do something special. Complemented by the right hairstyle, do not be surprised of the gazes that will follow you as you walk.

Men’s aviator sunglasses are still in style today just as they were a few decades back. You probably have seen a number of celebrities wear them – Will Smith, Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, among many others. The trend seems to be towards rimless to semi-rimless frames, ranging from the classic shape to rectangular lenses (although a few still pull them through with their traditional rims). Gradient lenses are also coming to popularity, and provides a trendier look. Aviators complement your masculinity in the best way possible, so they are a must stay in men’s eyewear fashion.

Mens’ Rectangular Wayfarer sunglasses with their characteristic plastic frames are also popular today. Its bold, retro feel is well loved, with many celebrities now wearing them in different colors and plaid prints. Wayfarers give style and comfort, along with a laid-back impression that enhances your suave look.

Wraparound shield sunglasses for men are also popular, especially for those who regularly spend a lot of time outdoors. If you are one who engages in adventure sports or any sports for that matter, get yourself a pair of these to make sure your eyes are protected.

Just as in the trend for women, oversized styles in sunglasses are also hot these days. Whether they are a pair of oversized aviators or Wayfarers, wearing them will instantly spice up your style.

Just as in for women, here are a wide range of options as well for men’s sunglasses. So, having known about the popular choices in sunglasses today, decide whether it is time to get yourself a new pair that is line with the times.