Types of Diamond Engagement Ring


There are all kinds of diamond engagement rings; The final choice depends on the individual taste and budget. Here are some of the main options:

Diamond Solitaire Engagement Rings with
If you’re after a classic diamond engagement ring, look no further than solitaire. Always one of the most popular choices, solitary really shows the selected diamond engagement ring. The solitaire diamond engagement ring is actually held a diamond in a prong setting that is typically 4-8 claws. Teeth are often made of platinum, a very strong and beautiful metal. The claws hold the diamond securely in place, and allow the light to penetrate from all sides. The use of platinum as they can make extremely thin the material for the jaws, allowing more accessible from the diamond.

Diamond engagement ring with three diamonds
rings with three diamonds are also known as the past, present and future rings, the symbol of the time-transcending power of love. These types of ring engagement usually comprise a middle diamond with two smaller diamonds or other stones, on both sides. The three-diamond engagement ring works well with multiple windows, and can be given either a classic or modern design.

Diamond Engagement Rings With Side
Side stones are usually included in diamond engagement ring with a channel setting, which protects the diamonds while leaving a smooth edge. It’s a great option for women with active lifestyles. Engagement rings with side stones go great as a few rings, one fitted with a solitaire. The side also emphasize the stone solitaire. There is something engagement rings with side stones only for timeless elegance symbol.

Antique Diamond Engagement Rings
rings with designs inspired by different historical periods are very popular right now. A good example is the Victorian antique engagement rings that were popular as the big diamond mines in South Africa were opened and diamonds became more available. Victorian-inspired antique diamond engagement rings often combine diamonds with other gemstones. Other antique styles are Art Deco and Edwardian engagement rings.

Diamond Engagement Ring Sets
A set of diamond rings, especially a wedding and engagement ring set, are the ultimate gift to you dear. The combinations of the rings are only limited by your imagination. It can have a contemporary, or may be formed in the style of one of the antique designs, such as Queen Victoria. Vintage engagement ring set combinations include solitaire and side stone set rings and a criss-cross engagement and wedding bridal setting. Engagement ring sets can be worn together or separately, and this adds to their versatility.