The Swinger’s Mentality


Australian society is still quite conservative when it comes to individual liberal lifestyle. Everyone who do not respect the boundaries and try otherwise it becomes a target of the attention of society. Thus, people who enjoy the swinging lifestyle not to mention this fact to anyone in a heartbeat. But inofficial statistics show a fairly large number of couples regularly switch and swap in the bedroom!

As with most lifestyles condemned by society, misinformation and ignorance are the cause of discrimination. Some people even think that the swingers are some kind of cult that does all sorts of rituals, like orgies. Swingers solely decided another component to add their sex life and should not be convicted – and society must adopt a laissez faire attitude towards a very personal decision that does not hurt anybody. We should be able to break with the conservative model of the common man and understand swingers.

If people knew more or inform themselves, they would find out that Swingers are completely normal people. Swingers go to work, have a family, go out and do all the things that “normal”, but from time to time they engaged in other sexual relationships than their regular, meaning they have sex with people other than the one they considered to have been committed. The average age for swinging is 34-40 years because that’s when sex problems start to appear. Most swingers are very healthy people and take good care of their bodies. About 80% of the swingers are non-smokers. They also take precautions to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. All swingers try to be in great shape and healthy because after all, this lifestyle is like dating. Usually people who enjoy this lifestyle are educated people, with an average or higher income. Also, do not look Swingers to replace their primary relationship, but strengthen its pleasures.

is to hear a common phenomenon people dissatisfied with their sex lives. Swingers have found a way to play a pleasing sex life without false and making room for jealousy or frustrations that can degenerate found. Swinging is not considered infidelity: According to this lifestyle as long as you have the consent of your partner, it’s not cheating. It’s called swinging.

In our time, individuality and personal development are a common desire. So if you need to improve your sex life and social feeling, the swinger lifestyle is probably the best choice for you.