San Francisco Swinger’s Party


Get an up close and personal, candid look behind the scenes of an open invitation: A Real Swingers Party ‘in San Francisco with these exclusive clips

an open invitation is first and foremost a love story. The story of a marriage in trouble, but that is elevated and erotically charged by a chance encounter with a pair of diner who plays in the alternative lifestyle, the film follows the arc of how to move a couple of staid, predictable and happy life to one filled with adventure, phenomenal sex and, most importantly, open communication about their desires.
the film is one of the best couples films of all time, using large on-location footage, subtle and well-made game dialogue ever filmed to build some of the most credible and compelling sex scenes. In addition to the career-defining performances that the film 13 AVN nominations (including best film, best actress / actor, best girl / girl, best orgy) earned crosses an open invitation to a real swingers party for the final scene. 127 real swingers got busy with the stars and each other to create a visually stunning cinematic milestone in adult film history. An open invitation is redefining the standard for the film industry. invites proud New York swinger couples and the hottest single women to accede personally to the hedonistic celebration on the 6th year of You will come to find driving only hour at one of the hottest nights of your life. The evening of like-minded fun and games to attract a number of sexist personalities in the industry and lifestyle. The annual White Party is known to attract some of the most attractive girls throughout New York City.

Why is this swinger party so hot? Let’s start with the implications of the color white everywhere around you. It’s beautiful, sexy and produces a feeling of warmth. The white only dress code is exciting to heat up the dark beauty of the warmth of the party around you. It’s like the space in all its pristine darkness evokes a perception of light. You just have to experience Manhattan top group-sex hotspot for swingers, couples, and some beautiful girls.

Charly Conchita Carlyle, Ph.D., Psychologist for Sexual commented that, “A live sadomasochism (S & M) style dominance and submission performance for your enjoyment will be conducted are provided for all guests . the most important thing at the party of the swinger’s how the New York couples will provide a perfect opportunity to truly experience and enjoy some of the more important things in life, such as erotica. “

Sexxymofo .com offers all guests of this year swinger lifestyle party, a place to play with what it means to be sexy. only attracts the hottest couples in the lifestyle. According

“it will be a night of the feeling of a community of belonging and connectedness. The event is not only to party together, but play together. ”