My Six Figure Lifestyle -? Is It Legit


My Six Figure Lifestyle was Chuck Marshal advance profits and residual income program through postcards. as it has developed into Secret Formula Teleseminar, newer $ 1,497 system which calls itself an alternative for 95% of people who felt they were lied to, unhappy, confused and angry by the “Opportunity biz” industry.

The method

The Secret Formula Seminar (formerly Six Figure My way of Life) has been developed by Rob Stinson, one-time engineer who uses her candidly regular persona -guy to share how her “Secret Formula” now, up to 150,000 distributors and consequences of over $ 250 million worth of products sold.


Stinson states that what distinguishes teleseminar and software from the rest is that they are designed to attract what he calls Business-opportunity-buyer (BOB) prospects. It appears that the forecasts to include owners and managers of existing businesses looking to build multiple income streams sophisticated channels, rather than friends, relatives or co-workers who tend to drop out of these programs.

The Promise

Per his website, Stinson pledged up to five figure incomes within the first few months, wasted with scheduling, presentations no time, selling, pitching or closings, and less than two hours spent daily on the business owners when working correctly systems

program appears Figure Lifestyle My Six new Stinson to include :.

– 700 to 1,500 qualified leaders, worthwhile

– Lead generation and prospecting software and brand marketing system

– Postcard lead-generation leaders produce a manual for use with My Six Figure Lifestyle

– Additional software incentives

My Six Figure Lifestyle / The Secret Formula Seminar In Review

seems to believe that by Stinson be honest about potential scams frustration and potential customers have experienced the Secret Seminar formula may have the ability to attract some since then has refused to online business opportunities.

The “My Six Figure Lifestyle” program which has just been revised, now known as the Secret Seminar formula, are reported to cost $ 1,497 to join. The program seems to work on the system type teleseminar and is said to include a handful of different items and features. Some of them include prequalification leaders, and proven marketing systems and software manuals and incentives

As with any and all efforts based business online .; It is strongly recommended that one makes their own research before investing real money in the program. The Internet is a large and uncontrolled atmosphere that requires very careful and detailed research; especially when asked for money in exchange for a service, product or membership. That’s not to say there is a real and profitable opportunities exist out there; One only need to be careful when looking for that one perfect opportunity to make it legally and carry on what it says about how much it says.