Medical Weight Loss in Orange County: The Importance of Lifestyle Management


Weight loss options such as bariatric surgery is very popular in Orange County, CA. Yorba Linda to Newport Beach, people who once struggled with obesity are renewing their lives by gastric banding, gastric bypass and gastric sleeve procedures to undergo. A dedicated team surgeon and are obviously crucial to the success of the operation. It is important for patients to count on a medical weight loss team to teach them lifestyle management and preparing for the post-operative life.

Despite the proven effectiveness of bariatric surgery, the patient’s behavior plays an important role in how much weight is lost, and if it remains off for a good one. If the patient does not make the necessary dietary and lifestyle changes (or not learned how to do this “gaining the weight back is almost inevitable Sue Byrne, PhD, and others perceive it in the International Journal of Obesity.” Studies .. . have suggested that the decline is due to the failure of individuals to sustain the weight-control behaviors [sic] they took to achieve weight loss. “

The life management training process, patients are provided with training, motivation and support to ensure that what began with the operation ends with a fuller and healthier life. A medical weight loss team consisting of surgeons, bariatric internists, psychologists, registered dietitians and exercise trainers prepare the patient for the challenges they will face in the post-operative life. Instructors not only discuss issues such as fitness routines and meal plans, but also critical factors such as dealing with temptation and emotional stress.

A proper lifestyle management program usually lasts for six months. The program comes complete with monthly nutrition guidance of a dietitian, weekly personal training sessions with a fitness trainer, extensive behavioral counseling and group events. Patients who have lost weight through surgery, but was later returned what can enroll in an eight-week program that includes medical, nutritional and behavioral assessments as well as fitness and lifestyle management sessions.

For the people of Orange County who suffer from morbid obesity, it is important to carefully consider all the medical and surgical weight loss options available. Surgery has been shown to produce life-changing transformations thousands of people, but without the proper lifestyle modification, which transformations are deprived of their full potential. Significant weight loss is a team effort, and no obese person traveling must take alone.