Healthy Health Insurance – Dubai


Created in 1971, along with the formation of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Dubai is one of seven federal emirates of the UAE. As one of the fastest growing cities in the world Dubai is well recognized for its robust health system. Numbers suggests that life expectancy in Dubai for men is almost 70 years and for women it is high, with 75 years, nearly 20% of the population are UAE nationals and over 65% are immigrants. Given the expected speed is important for both residents and migrants to their future Protech by getting health insurance.

Public health is managed by Ministry of Health and Medical Services (Dohms). Dubai Health Authority made health insurance mandatory for all visitors and expats, which means that the foreigner in Dubai are required to have a health insurance even before the country. On becoming a resident, the local health insurance card is issued but significant discount offers on many medical facilities still little expensive.

One should consider the following points before choosing a health insurance.

The Dubai advantages of international health insurance plan have priority over other local health insurance. It gives the freedom of choice of doctor and hospital throughout the world, which also means that the policyholder in Dubai medical treatment in the US, can undergo the UK or elsewhere.

The international health insurance plans come with a guaranteed renewal for life, which is otherwise unavailable in Local insurance.

The methodology of calculation of premiums on obtaining insurance plan in Dubai and the Middle East is very different. The local insurance panelizes the holder to charge higher insurance rates by looking at their historical claims, but the international health insurance base their premium only on policyholders age and geographic coverage.

The international insurance activities in Dubai also provides the opportunity to plan to meet to suit individual specific requirement.

Undoubtedly Dubai and the Middle East undergo drastic change in lifestyle at the center of economic development. Modernization and new technology will come in the healthcare Hector at a higher cost that will eventually be passed on to the end user, so in the current situation it has become important for foreign national and local to protect them by getting a health plan .