Health & Fitness, The Basic Story


First let me say that you and you alone have the power to influence how healthy you want to be. Your diet should be at least 1/3 fruits and vegetables. The daily intake of food should be this category of food and the resulting health benefits will lower your risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and cancer. Diabetes can also happen, once you pull the trigger on that, there is no turning back. Please note that you limit the starchy carbohydrates you eat (bread and pasta).

health insurance plans “fee for service” is where the insurance company pays a fee for the service provided to insured services. So with that said, make sure and do your research on the different plans to see what other medical services are available. Also note what restrictions are in place, or the plan you are thinking about purchasing. A health care plan that provides full or partial coverage for those additional services may be worth paying a few extra dollars each month in health insurance rates.

In case you get sick and then their services from your health plan they have will examine your records with the hope of finding a reason not to pay your health insurance related claims. Other things to be taken into your decision while picking out a health insurance policy are how the plan handles medical care and physical. Is there vision care or dental services? What is the care and counseling for mental health? What are the services for drug and alcohol abuse; there is ongoing care for chronic and long term conditions. Is there any alternative medical care such as acupuncture; they are experimental treatments and therapies.

Diet and lifestyle (fitness) play an important role in keeping you healthy. Exercise is so important that it requires a special focus. Lack of exercise is very bad for your health. There are so many other benefits of exercise, but they are far beyond the scope of this article. Your healthy lifestyle can easily help reduce health care premium. Detecting disease early can greatly improve recovery rates, while the process itself can help identify unhealthy lifestyle habits that can be overcome.

Private health insurance is one of those lifestyle choices all of us face. If you do, I encourage you to practice new ways to start a healthy lifestyle for you and your family to consider today. There are preventable things you of your life such as tobacco can cut. Obesity from a poorly planed diet and lack of exercise in your life is something that can be prevented.

In conclusion, remember these few things to improve your health, eat more raw vegetables and less junk food. Consult your doctor more often and the biggest tip of all is having a meeting with a nutritionist / dietician. This person will, and you will learn so much about the food you eat, you will be so surprised.