Genotype Diet – A healthy plan that is Custom-fit to your individual needs


Are you wondering why some diets are effective for other people, but not so much on you? This is because each of us genetically different. According to Dr. Peter D’Adamo, author and creator of the Genotype Diet, by taking the measurements of your body, you can determine which of the six different lifestyle groups you belong to. The Genotype Diet is based on research that the environment in which one lives can change 70% of their genes.

The Genotype Diet is supported by scientific research, not to mention that Dr. Peter D’Adamo is a highly respected nutritionist for many years. Like most diet plans, the Genotype Diet will need to avoid, food to replace meals, or do some exercise. What makes the Genotype Diet unique, however, is that nutrition and a healthy plan will give you is custom-fit to your individual needs, which depend on your body type. The Genotype Diet claims that each person is unique and so their diet plans should differ from one another other too. Exercise is also encouraged by the Genotype Diet. But, just as diet should also need to be specific for each person are unique to each type of person, exercise plans and routines.

The Genotype Diet uses family history, blood type, fingerprint analysis, measurement of jaw angle, and much more simple diagnostic tools to your specific and unique genetic makeup which will determine which of the six genotype plans fit is given for you. Here are the six genotypes in which you can include:

* Hunter – tall, thin, and intense, with an abundance of adrenaline and a fierce, nervous energy that winds down with age , Hunter was originally the success of the human species. Vulnerable when overloaded for systemic burnout modern challenge the Hunter is to save energy for the long term.

* Gatherer – full-figured, even if they are not overweight, the Gatherer struggles body image in a culture where thin is a failed crash dieter with a large number of metabolic challenges, the Gatherer ” in.”

* Teacher – strong, sinewy, and stable, with great chemical synchronicity and stamina, the Teacher is built for longevity – having the right diet and lifestyle. This is the genotype of balance, blessed with a huge capacity for growth and fulfillment.

* Explorer – muscular and adventurous, the Explorer is a biological problem solver, to adapt an impressive ability to changes in the environment, and a better than average capacity for gene repair . vulnerability of the Explorer to hormonal imbalances and chemical sensitivities can be overcome with a balanced diet and lifestyle.

* Warrior – tall, lean and healthy in youth, the Warrior is subject to a bodily rebellion in midlife. With the optimal diet and lifestyle, the Warrior, the quick-aging overcome metabolic genes

and experience a second “silver” era of health.

* Nomad – A Genotype of extremes, with great sensitivity to environmental factors, especially changes in altitude and air pressure, the Nomad is vulnerable to neuromuscular and immune problems. However, a well-conditioned Nomad has the enviable gift of controlling caloric intake and graceful aging.


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