Factors Responsible for Instant Drink Market Growth in India


India is predominantly agricultural economy and produces a wide variety of agricultural products for consumption as vegetables, fruits, spices, etc. Traditionally, the home cooked food has been held to be the most hygienic and this perspective has changed a lot till date. With population growth and the economy and with people in cities become busier in their occupations, there has been a gradual change in the patterns of consumer goods. perhaps the beginning of the milk bottle and packaging first daily consumable goods such popular being processed in industry before being introduced into people’s homes. The emergence of Indian food packaging, with additions value due to standard levels of hygiene regulations, has been a pointer to the coming age of the processing industry Agriculture.

The instant beverage market which was dominated by the soft drinks earlier had transitioned into a more agricultural and dairy-oriented in nature. There is the (bitter gourd) ready-to-drink products available in the market as well as those that are required (granulated instant coffee). The main factors that have led to the emergence of a quick drink in India are as follows:

1. Agro-processing technology :. With the current strength in the solid agricultural base, the availability of technology that paves the way for the addition of value to raw materials and make them ready for consumption

2. Develop distribution channels quick delivery: The product is perishable and shelf life based dairy- specific. must be eaten within a certain time period to this target market. This requires investments in the supply channels as well as in the development of storage facilities.

3 .. Lifestyle Changes: In the cities, there have been more changes in the lifestyle in which men and women live busy lives, often have very little time for home cooking or preparations are marked. The changes in lifestyle often leaves little time for preparation even the traditional drinks.

4. quality products: Industry Standards and regulations will ensure that these products conform to acceptable standards of hygiene. Quality control is strictly enforced in the manufacturing facilities of these products. With assured quality, the products have become more acceptable to the person that has led to a growth in demand.

5. Advertising: Advertising has also played an important role in popularizing these products. When the people saw that the traditional Indian food is being prepared in such a short period of time by using these methods, there is a determination to try these products immediately. Even if the families can cook the way traditional food, there is a tendency to make use of a quick drink and the buffet. Therefore, since these products are available, there are more choices for the people and the good ones among these real needs and create good demand as a consequence for themselves in no time

More admissibility :. These products are more acceptable to the people now. The perpetrators of the taste and quality will find ready acceptance and become popular among a large customer base. People have also shed their inhibition of the product bottled and packaged and ready-embracing Indian cuisine with cheers.