Chromosome abnormalities, Miscarriage, Age And Lifestyle


All our cells have chromosomes that carry the blueprint for our structure – arms, legs, etc. – and for their function. Chromosomes contain DNA and protein. Abnormal chromosomes may be in three ways: there may be an increase in number, a loss in volume or change in structure. Almost all chromosome abnormalities cause serious problems. Most of these problems are fatal so that the cells carrying the abnormalities die. For this reason, most embryos carry chromosome abnormalities die during the first weeks. chromosome abnormalities are the main direct cause of miscarriage.

There are many couples who have a miscarriage are told that the laboratory tests have shown that chromosomal abnormalities there. This sounds very serious is not it? It is serious and these problems can lead to the birth of a child handicapped. Usually, however, the couple is perfectly normal chromosomal abnormality and the only occurred in the gametes – egg either the girl or the man’s sperm. Occasionally the problem is present in all cells but can a man or woman blood tests detect this.

Unfortunately there is a lack of understanding among major doctors on how chromosomes abnormalities arise. Doctors usually give assurances couple with normal blood chromosome problem will not recur in the embryo. This is bad advice. I have spent many years studying chromosomal abnormalities in spontaneous abortion cases and proved that the problems occur because of problems in lifestyle. Until these problems are corrected in the eggs and the sperm can remain or recur.

chromosomal abnormalities in miscarriages usually occur due to either a man or a woman has been exposed to chemicals or other of them lack one or dietary or bad habit of sorts. Not Bad habits include drinking plenty of water, take drugs, have too much alcohol, smoking heavily and in the case of the man, his testicles to reveal too much heat. Infections, both of the diversity of influenza and common STD – sexually transmitted variety – can also be connected. Viruses can break chromosomes in exactly the same way as chemicals, radiation and serious dietary deficiencies. Ageing itself is linked to changes in bodily functions that cause a woman to misdivide eggs.

The majority of people reading this article would know that the usual number of chromosomes is 46. So how can this change? The answer lies in the process of fertility and conception. Fertility is the man and woman involved in a special kind of cell division – called meiosis – in which a number chromosome halves. This process is sometimes very specialized division makes mistakes and one or two chromosomes are ultimately in the wrong place. Then the egg or sperm consequential one or two extra chromosomes. fertilized eggs or sperm derived from eggs with extra chromosomes usually miscarry although some with extra copy of chromosome 21 one survived with Down syndrome.

The other problem that can affect chromosome number will be delayed ovulation. When the egg is mature can be over-fertilized by more than one sperm. In such cases the fertilized egg has one or more additional sets of chromosomes. Fortunately, this problem can also be overcome by correcting poor diet and lifestyle.

If you have had a pregnancy in which chromosomes abnormality is detected, but you yourselves are normal, make sure that you take the time and effort to correct your lifestyle. You will find a detailed evaluation lifestyle and specific advice on my websites. Once you adopt a healthy lifestyle, you will be rewarded by feeling much healthier and hopefully also by giving birth to a healthy baby.