Baby Boomers Lifestyle – How unlike the baby boomers Generation Previous


Baby boomers lifestyle is different from the previous generation because they have had to adapt their culture parents

the two big differences in the generations are work and family related. I am not here to judge but to highlight why this difference occurs.

In the fifties and sixties returning veterans who could start working for a company and expect to retire after working there for 40 years. There were job security, company loyalty and the way things work there … not now.

I am now 65 … for those of a similar age, ask yourself how many of your classmates elementary school did not have a mother and father, living at home with them


father to work .; Mom stayed home and raised the family. This is not isolated to one region of the country went to 11 schools in grades 1 through 12; My father was an Army officer.

Divorce is unknown so … as long as the stability of the two-parent family baby boomer generation takes for granted.

Fast forward to today, the baby boomers lifestyle finds divorce rates at 50% or higher, the two-parent family no longer give … in some places, they are in the minority.

The job market for boomers have changed dramatically. In the 1980s, companies are bought and sold like pieces of Monopoly. pension funds that went out the window; job security is something only the post office issued. Mom could no longer afford to stay at home … she had to work. He changed the way of life from their baby boomer parents’ lifestyle.

Boomers discovered the need for day care, multiple jobs and culture did not think of divorce as a scarlet letter.

That has made the Boomer generation is more independent and self-reliant than the previous generation. The stable home and cradle to grave relationship with your date.


Only time will tell if the boomer generation’s parents were the “greatest generation”. For sure the baby boomer lifestyle is different form their parents lifestyles.