Stelrad Radiators typing


Stelrad is a well known brand in the UK and they are the market leaders in the production of central heating radiators. They offer a wide range of radiators with different types and sizes. Stelrad radiators are only radiators manufacturing company in the UK providing a wide range and different size radiators ha. They produce about 2.5 million radiators for domestic commercial market per year. They produce both traditional range of radiators and lifestyle range of radiators, such as towel warmers and designer radiators.

Traditional assortment radiators
Stelrad radiators produce excellent quality and excellent performing traditional radiators. In this series they produce two types, they are:
1. Panel selection of radiators
2. Premium assortment panel radiators

Panel range of radiators

Stelrad produces about seven different types of panel selection of radiators. They are:
1. Elite
2. Compact
3. Softline
4. STR
5. LST plus
6. BS Standard
7. Vertex

All seven types of radiators are of excellent quality, performance and come in odd sizes. All these types of radiators come in a great choice of heights, lengths and flexible connectivity. These radiators are very easy to install and produce excellent heat, according to your requirements. Both Stelrad elite Stelrad radiators and compact radiators come with a 10 year warranty.

Stelrad compact 230 models come with four different heights 300mm, 450mm, 600mm, 700mm and lengths ranging from 400mm to 3000mm. When it comes to their output, they range from 190 watts to 5883 watts and Btu / h range from 648 to 20073. Stelrad compact radiators are available in four different types; they are P1, K1, K2 and P +.

All Stelrad Softline radiators are manufacturing with 10 years Stelrad warranty gives you peace of mind. This kind of radiators are 102 models with four different heights same as compact radiators (300mm, 450mm, 600mm and 700mm). And vary their length of 400mm to 2000mm. When it comes to outputs, they can produce about 255 watts to 3922 watts and Btu / h is 870 BTU / h up to 13,382 Btu / h. These radiators are available in K1, K2 and P + models.

Premium Panel radiators

Stelrad also produces stylish looks premium radiators that best suits your modern houses. They manufacture of about seven different premium panel models as per your requirement. All seven models are:
1. Planar
2. Classic column
3. Compact with style
4. Compact style with co-line
5. Compact with style vertical
6 . Cancord plane
7. Cancord co-line

these seven models are excellent heating performance radiators that have a strong and stylish. The complete range of high-quality radiators model comes with 5 years warranty and Stelrad with heights, lengths and sizes. Planar radiators are available in 4 different sizes 300mm, 400mm, 500mm and 600mm with a length ranging from 400 mm to 2000 mm. The flat radiators produce an output of 235 watts to 3268 watts and Btu / h ranges from 802 to 11150. They come in two different models :. K1 flat radiators, flat radiators K2

Stelrad lifestyle range of radiators
Stelrad produces large variety of life style selection of radiators that suit your home and business. Towel rails are of a particular type and design radiators are of a different type.

Towel Racks
With a 5 year warranty, Stelrad produces the best price towel rails. It produces two types of towel rails, they are Stelrad ladder rail and espirt.

Desinger radiators
Designer Radiators from Stelrad his excellent performance designer radiators in the current market. She product Excel Optia, Golf, Arc, Ellipse, Vista Line, Concard vertical and Concard Slimline design radiators.