Different types of relationships for different people

In our society today we all like to put a label on our relationships. I will explain some of the different types of relationships and why people usually seek after these types of relationships

An activity partner

People who have an active lifestyle will often try an activity partner. There are many active people activity partners will try to motivate them to do the best they can be at whatever it is they are doing. Whether they enjoy playing soccer, running, weight lifting or any other type of activity. Most people look for activity partners to bring out the best in them upwards.

A friend

People who are lonely often looking for friends. If a person in an unhappy relationship sometimes can someone when they feel lonely need to talk.

As someone recently ended a long term relationship and they feel depressed, they may need a friend to talk to.

If a person has recently lost their wife / husband after being married for years they will need a friend
to talk to.

A friend with benefits

There are many people who enjoy the pleasure of having sex without being in a committed relationship. A person who recently ended a long term relationship or a marriage may not be interested to start in another serious relationship so quickly. They may be interested in having a friend, or a friend with advantages.

There are some people who do not enjoy being in a committed relationship, because they enjoy having multiple sexual partners, so they often seek a Friends with Benefits.

A short term relationship

Sometimes when a person is living in a particular city or town for a short period of time that they are interested may be starting a relationship with someone, even though they know they will be away, who within a few months / years. This is a person who enjoys being in a committed relationship and they will not settle for anything less.

A serious long-term relationship

People of different ages can find a serious long term relationship, because they enjoy the feeling of being in love. They enjoy being in a serious committed relationship, which can ultimately lead to marriage.

A woman / man

When a person feels like they have met their soul mate and they want to spend the rest of their lives with them, they will get married.

Whether you’re lonely or you support need the motivation, there is a certain kind of relationship that will meet your needs. What kind of relationship are you looking for?