Cancer Survival Tips


Surviving cancer is the fact that you continue to live after the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Survival can lead to remission or complete cure for several years. The chances of surviving cancer varies depending on the type of cancer, your lifestyle (diet, environment, etc.), and most importantly, the time you were diagnosed (earlier you are diagnosed, more likely you are to be healed or survived for a long time). it’s normal because you’re a man. However, you should raise your morale, take courage, do not be intimidated by the statistics published on radio, TV or the Internet as if you are X years to live. You are unique and your destiny is not dependent on what the medical science.

  1. There is hope for those affected by cancer. According to a study conducted in France by the “Ligue Nationale Contre le Cancer” (National League Against Cancer) and the ‘Réseau français des Registro Tres du Cancer “(French Network of Cancer Registries) will survive one of two cancer patients for at at least 5 years after the initial diagnosis. the study was conducted among 205,000 victims of cancer more than 15 years, and the diagnosis during 1989-1997. studied more than 40 different types of cancer.

survival cancer rate

The survival rate varies by type of cancer. A five-year relative survival rate for breast cancer is 85%, 80% for prostate cancer, 56% for colorectal cancer, and less than 15% for lung cancer, the leading cause of cancer deaths in the US, killing approximately 158,900 people annually. approximately 171,600 Americans are diagnosed with lung cancer per year, more than 92% of them die in less than three years; 60% die within a year. Your chance of surviving lung cancer for a long time is slim. The wise decision is to quit or not smoke.

Raise your cancer survival probability

If you are a cancer survivor, you not only need medical care, but also the support of family and friends. Cancer and may cause emotional problems, neurological disorders, sexual dysfunction, infertility problems and aesthetic changes their treatment; you can not deal with cancer alone, you need support. Here are some tips that can help you in your fight against cancer:

  • Ask your friends and relatives to speak less of the disease; tell them that you put their attention on price, but you do not want to talk about cancer now.
  • If you feel depressed, do not be afraid to turn to someone who understands his. If you can not find anyone contact a support network; you will surely find a little comfort.
  • Do everything you can to have fun and laugh; it reduces stress and depression, and boost your immune system.
  • If you look is negatively affected by the disease or its treatment, try to places where there are people who avoid you underestimated; if you are constantly under estimated, you may feel a low self-esteem.
  • If you want to talk or express your feelings, find someone you enjoy his / her business and enjoy yours. The fact that you have to explain to others what you feel will help them to understand better. However, no more than expected; more you expect of others less happy is upon you.
  • Some people, despite their promises, you could abandon; it may be a relative, fiancé or husband. No matter what, be confident, someone else will come in your life. God will make a way for you in your darkest time.

Like I said, the length of survival depends on the type of cancer and your participation in the fight against the disease. Although the cancer survival statistics are sometimes correct, your lifestyle (diet, environment, attitude towards the disease, etc.) Play a major role in your healing. Moreover, thanks to the advancement of medical science, now a victim of cancer can live for years with the disease. For more information to learn about survival rate of any type of cancer and how to get your chance to be healed, raise visit, click on the link in the resource box below.