5 types of article you can write


If you always write the same kind of article you are
Published probably limiting your chances of getting. Look at
Here are five of the most popular types.

The ‘How To’ article

This is a very popular type of article, which tells you the
reader how to do something. It could be how to build a garage,
how to write a book, how to sell a home, or how to clean tar
off pants. These articles are usually very
popular because people like to find out how to do something.

When writing how to do something, and if the order is
is important, then it is a good idea to number each step. To remember
even use a photo or image

as the publication permits.

The ‘List’ Article

The list object is an object that lists a number of related documents
information, and is one of the easiest types of articles to
write. article should have:

• An introduction. • The list;

The roundup article you provide a roundup of information,
statements or advice from various sources. you’d
the same list of questions. In your article you write a roundup
the answers, for example,

“Bill Jones, CEO of SHJ Limited, is convinced that the market
Soon turn around. “Within the next six weeks at most,” he added
predicted. He

Inspiration articles include inspiring story, essays,
Articles about faith and religion, and self-help articles.

Do you know a topic or issue that affects many people?
Think of your own everyday experiences. Write about the issue …
and help readers to cope with life and to improve themselves
in a certain way.

The ‘As told to “Article

Because many of the people who have good experiences
not writers, there is a market for writing people’s
stories. this case, the audience knows you the writer. In the

Instead of writing a third-person narrative of the event,
“As told to” article makes the story more real and personally
the use of first-person.

So the next time you are about to write an article, pause … and questions
what type of product it is best for your situation and subject.
By varying the type of articles you write your writing will
Also the development of a new depth, and items will be picked up by
a much wider range of publications